In memoriam to my Dad 

Thanks for being my father. This small place in the WEB is for you so Lety (my wife), your family and all our friends and colleagues can remember you. Even though several people like my wife, my mom or my sister have helped me in my life, it’s thanks to you that I’m a researcher and I know the world of the financial markets and the Mexican Stock. Thanks to you I have a special love for books, knowledge, History and the Academic world.

It is sad that you are not physically with me but although you are not in the body that the Supreme Conscience (God) gave you in June 30th, 1958, I know that your Spirit and Soul are with her in the paradise. I wish and ask Good that you never return to this samsaric lyfe cycle. You deserve it because you have been a good man with my wife, my mom, my sister, everybody and with me.

This site is for you, hoping to follow the example your spirit and strength. Even though you joked with me about “alpha” people and you felt that you weren’t one of them, you are The Most “alpha” that I know because like the alpha in finance (that means that “a specific investment paid more extra return than all the other investments in the market”) you have given more love, more wisdom, more strength and spread more welfare than any other father “in the market”. You are an “Alpha Dad” and an “Alpha Man”. Your work, My Wife, your friends, our friends and colleagues, My Mother, My Sister and your relatives can give several hard proofs of that.

For this reason, I wish and hope to become a consummated family man, and a consummated and important researcher in Finance, Financial Markets and Financial Econometrics. Not because my ego ask for it, because all the love, strength and knowledge that you gave me is enough motivation to create knowledge for the benefit of Science and Human beings, as you thought me.

I will miss to talk with you and to hug you. I will also miss your advice, love and also your company in my Academic conferences. I will also miss your pride face that I saw when I received Academic or professional prizes. I will miss you, yes but I won’t miss you here and in my heart because all that I know is thanks for the love that you gave me and because you showed me the financial markets world, the love for books and knowledge. All these among several nice things.

This microsite is for you in your memory. This is the paper that both published some years ago (link to the paper). I would have like to publish more with you and share more moments like these. 

Your son and fan, Oscar.